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I bought the DJ808 logged onto intro class tonight, and it looks like a no show?

eroxx 2:18 AM - 31 October, 2017

Roland offers 2 webinars for owners of the DJ-808 and I signed up, and was fairly excited for tonight's class. It is now 10:20, 20 minutes past the start of it, and there is nada ... Has this happened to anyone else?
Coherence 2:45 PM - 31 October, 2017
Did you register for the course in advance and get the confirmation? I attended one and they were on time. You may want to join the Facebook group and hit up Daniel Lee. He seems to do the scheduling for the classes.
eroxx 2:48 PM - 31 October, 2017
Thanks so much - I heard back from Daniel later last night - he was having tech. problems. I was hoping that previous classes could be accessible on-line.
Coherence 2:54 PM - 31 October, 2017
That really would be ideal. I believe we asked about the same at the end of the one I attended. =) (putting them online as a recorded session) The interactivity was really useful, but would be great to have as reference material.
eroxx 2:57 PM - 31 October, 2017
On the roland cloud site it does say that you have access to archived classes, but I don't think that's the case.

Looking forward to learning this beast! Any suggestions as to where to start, other than the class? :)
Coherence 5:36 AM - 1 November, 2017
I wish I had a good answer - I actually had a harder time learning the nuances of Serato than the 808. The production side elements of the controller were already familiar from working with other sequenced gear and the controller itself mirrors a great deal of the functionality I enjoyed in Traktor prior to moving to the 808. My learning curve was really just remapping what I used in Traktor against this new tool. (hardware and software)

Some of the standout Serato features worth diving into on the 808 (and some other controllers):

-Pitch play
-Slip mode (either by bug or intended operation - leaving slip mode on between tracks will wreck your life and make you throw things at the wall)
-FX behaviors on each FX bank (some echos and delays will actually be either in or out of sync with the downbeat depending on what effector bank they are on - another oddity, but if you use delays or echos, TEST THEM prior to playing out to make sure they work as you expect - if not, move them to the other side)

Outside of that, the sampler and 808 integration both topside and at the pads should definitely get some attention. The SeratoHQ video on the TR-S and VT gives you at least a glimpse into how it all functions.

And of course their features walkthrough is at least a good 'welcome to the 808' video as far as highlighting features goes:

The manual, of course, is useful, but somewhat dense to turn into results quickly, so above all else I'd suggest just jamming out and really getting settled in. This device never really lets me down when I'm looking for new and different things to do in a set, so experiment often!
eroxx 9:54 PM - 10 November, 2017
Thank you so much!!!