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Dj Jhay Boogie 11:04 PM - 27 October, 2017
I am using Serato Dj 1.9.9 ; but when I use Serato video my preview windows do not work but the main output shows fine. I have a MacBook pro and have tried everything.... I need some help to fix this problem. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
the SOUNDINSURGENT 12:04 AM - 28 October, 2017
Serato video is junk, switch to Mix Emergency and have a great day 🤙🏾
DeeJay Fingers 12:22 AM - 28 October, 2017

here you go ...
vjMeely 12:57 AM - 28 October, 2017
@OP, Usually a reboot of your computer resets things. Its also good practice to reboot your computer before your gig.
DJ Tecniq 7:40 PM - 30 October, 2017
It's a bug that's existed since the dawn of of Serato Video. Usually restarting your computer will fix it. It's been forever since we've seen a SV update which is why Mix Emergency is the better solution and better choice as it doesn't have this bug plus can do tons more with video.
Dj Jhay Boogie 1:42 AM - 2 July, 2018
thank you the restart worked.
Shawn Greenwood 1:03 AM - 2 November, 2018
Where is my Serato Video Output Window or Preview Window?

If you are experiencing your output window or output preview window disappearing after upgrading to Serato Video, please follow these instructions to resolve this issue:

1) Close all programs.
2) Open the Start menu.
3) In the search box type "regedit" (minus the quotation marks).
4) Click the regedit.exe icon and the Registry Editor window will now open.
5) Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder.
6) Expand the Software folder
7) Expand the Serato folder
8) Right click on the SeratoVideo folder, select "rename" and give it a new name (e.g. old_SeratoVideo)
9) Restart your PC
10) Now open Serato DJ and Serato Video, and the output window should have now returned to default settings.

1) Close all programs.
2) Open Finder and go to the User > Library > Preferences folder.
3) Rename the com.serato.seratovideo.plist file (e.g. to old_com.serato.seratovideo.plist).

Note: On Mac OS X 10.7 and higher, the User Library is hidden. To access this you will have to hold down the option key and click on "Go" on the Finder toolbar and the Library option will appear in the drop down menu. You will also need to remove the com.serato.seratovideo.plist.lockfile.

4) If using Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, please complete the further steps below;

Open Applications --> Utilities --> Activity Monitor
Under the "CPU" or "MEMORY" tabs, locate and force quit all cfprefsd processes, as per the screenshot below;

5) Restart your Mac
6) Now open Serato DJ and Serato Video, and the output window should have now returned to default settings.

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