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new guy...extracting vocals?

neverdone 8:39 PM - 27 October, 2017
let me start by saying I'm new to all of this. I've been messing around with my small ddj-sb for a couple of years here and there but nothing serious.

this is just a hobby for me and I've been trying to learn on my own and I've gone through tons of videos and Google etc

I have been making my own samples just by recording certain parts of songs, but I really want to mash up vocals to beats and I haven't found anything current on how to extract vocals to use them.

can anyone point me in the right direction? do you have any tips for a new guy? I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface of what serato can do!

10:07 PM, 29 Oct 2017
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DJ Tecniq 4:44 AM - 1 November, 2017
Sounds like you're looking for production software or acapellas?
neverdone 4:10 PM - 2 November, 2017
well acapellas would be my first choice. I have no idea where to find them though.
neverdone 5:49 PM - 10 November, 2017
can anyone else help me with this?
AndyG1964 12:10 PM - 22 November, 2017
You can extract vocals to a certain extent using Audacity via the noise cancelling feature of it. It is quite limited being as it's a free program. It might be worth having a look at this mate