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Branches from selected song library view option

TickTalk 7:17 AM - 20 October, 2017
I would like to see a function where I can put a track in a "Selected" area and then pull songs from my crates into that specific songs personalized library.

So for example. I have track A, I put track A into the selected area and it shows me "Branches" that I would set. So I know Track A mixes well into these 4 or 5 other tracks I have. Maybe those tracks have different moods or the same mood or change moods well or whatever reason I would want them to mix with Track A. So I take all these tracks that track A mixes with and put them into this "Branches" area. Now when track A is in the "Selected" area of the library (That area could have any kind of name, I'll use tree here for example.) So I put track A. into the selected tree area and then my library shows me all the branches I have set (All the songs I put in this tree's folder.) So now I can see multiple options of songs that I know already will mix well and choose based on that.

So rather than have 5 tracks in a mini-crate and be bound to those 5 in that order to assure my mixing is spot on and tight. I can do it from track to track and always know the tracks will mix well because the only options I see to mix to in my library are ones that I've pre-determined for this track specifically.

Then mixing the next track is as simple as loading the next track into the selected tree area and seeing new options that I set for that track.

This could be used for every song you play or maybe just songs that are tricky to mix and only play nice with a certain few songs you have so you want those songs readily available when you select it. The feature allows for as much depth as you want without cluttering your crate view.

The only other way to do this currently is just making a crate for every track with your mixable tracks in it. This creates a TON of crates to sort through and time consumed in your library to have this level of planning meeting full flexibility, thus limiting your flexibility overall. I think adding a feature like this allows a large investment into planning without removing flexibility. I really hope to see this feature and would love for this to be integrated into Serato.