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"Bars to Cue" or "Notes on Waveform"

Noztrum 7:09 AM - 17 October, 2017
Hey everyone,

I'm coming from traktor and I'm very happy with the software so far. But there is a feature I'm really missing: The "beats to cue"-feature from traktor. I don't understand why serato hasn't integrated this feature already, because it's relly helpfull for long transitions with a big drop at the end.

It shouldn't be that hard to implement a counter that is counting the bars backwards to the next cue-point. At least it should be possible to stick notes to the waveforms. (not cue points - just comments) So you can mark vocals, special parts or in my case the point 32/64 bars before the next cue point.

If that feature is implemented, many traktor users would finally switch to serato I guess. At least that's my reasyn to switch baack to traktor from time to time. (Depends of the style of music I'm playing)

I would really appreciate to see one of this features in 2.0.0!

Kind Regards
Laz219 11:09 AM - 25 October, 2017
Considering most music is so structured these days, I'd have thought it's rather easy to identify 64/32 bars before a point.
As a workaround though- you know cuepoints can be named? I Know it won't show on the waveform in text, but if you identify the cue coming up (and the color of the spinning deck will lead that in) you can check the point you've set in the cue text.
MutterOberin 5:01 PM - 25 October, 2017
I would actually like to mark the track further. Something like a light color in the background which can be distinguished in both waveform view and overview.

I suggested this:

Would be really nice, since there are most definitely songs where you can not clearly distinguish between parts and chorus for example.