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Serato Coloured Waveform Plugin Suggestion

FunkFerret 7:38 AM - 12 October, 2017
I'm just checking out the trial version of Serato Sample, and can't wait to get cracking with it!

My first thought as soon as I loaded up a sample was how much I love the coloured waveform data in Serato DJ and in this sampler, and how much of that colour feedback is lacking in my audio production.

I like being able to see the waveform I'm producing inside Ableton with something like Smexoscope or some other live waveform viewer, but these all seem to lack colour information according to low, mid and high frequencies.

Quite often I'll render out a piece of audio, bring it into Serato DJ and I can see straight away before I even play the track if I have far too much, or not enough low end in the track.

I guess this is more of a suggestion for a similar plugin that can be dropped onto the end of an audio chain to view the waveform and colour in real time - Either that or allow some kind of live reading / viewing of your chain's audio inside the Serato Sample VST itself.

I would purchase that in a heartbeat.
FunkFerret 9:28 PM - 1 November, 2017
Big ups to Roy from Bang n' Mash who has pointed me toward this plugin through Max for Live:

Looks like a great alternative.
Nodoze123 12:04 PM - 11 November, 2017
Thank you for this link!