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A&H Xone PX5

Gualter Santos 10:55 AM - 11 October, 2017
One more to the team asking about!

Unfortunelly, PX5 is a traktor certified mixer. I always work with Serato last 15 years and I don't want to change.

Serato words: "I'd love to see this mixer on the club kit list, but it's up to A&H more than it is up to us."

A&H words: "While the hardware has the capacity to interface well with Serato's software, this was decision from their developers rather than ours and while this may be subject to review, I'm not aware of any current plan for supporting this platform in the immediate future. You could ask Serato if they've any thoughts on a change of heart "

Serato users words: Give us the best from two worlds! Serato + Xone PX5.

Ames Productions 4:40 PM - 8 November, 2017

I got rid of my Pioneer DJM-850 and now I have a Xone PX5. The only reason I am not using serato with it right now is because lack of support. I would definitely use it more often if my PX5 had support.
FetaLovingGreekGuy 3:10 AM - 20 January, 2018
He said she said at its finest. Shame.
Mr Wilks 9:44 AM - 5 February, 2018
It's the only thing holding me off upgrading the Xone 43c at the moment. I really want to as well.

I may have to hit the X1800 up as that's a great mixer from the time I had on it. The FX are solid and will allow for expansion to the SC5000 if I go that way.