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What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Internal mode (Emergency mode)

James01 11:37 PM - 6 October, 2017
I would love to suggest a feature mode that when 10% dust gathers on a needle that Internal mode would kick in automatically with bpm at the correct speed as it can change under bad tracking.

This would be a life saver saving DJ's having to worry about bad tracking.


deejdave 1:46 AM - 8 October, 2017
What measures said 10% ? Great solution to a common problem but the logistics don't add up.
James01 12:49 PM - 10 October, 2017
10% is just a guess,What I mean is if a little of red pops up that it kicks in,it would be so helpful.It would stop you panicking and jumping on your laptop.
DJMIYAGI 8:07 PM - 11 October, 2017
This would be a life saver saving DJ's having to worry about bad tracking.

Or you could get in to the habit of cleaning your needles and records every few songs to prevent bad tracking.
James01 8:22 PM - 11 October, 2017
That's not always a guarantee,it still would be great to have peace of mind that u could turn on "Panic mode" to prevent any audio problems.Great to have the option.
DJMIYAGI 8:32 PM - 11 October, 2017
Not always a guarantee? Bad tracking is either due to dirty or damaged records or needles or bad vibrations from subs. If you properly calibrate your decks before you play, keep records and needles clean and isolate yourself from heavy bass vibrations, you don't need a "panic mode"
James01 8:43 PM - 11 October, 2017
I'm nearly suggesting a feature that would be handy.I always clean both my records and needles constantly but also drunk people pushing a turntable would come into thischool also.

This is just an innocent discussion,no need for your sarcastic,condescending attitude. We always set our gear up properly but u do need to cover all angles.If this is put into the next update then don't select it since u know everything.
DJMIYAGI 9:06 PM - 11 October, 2017
I'm not being sarcastic or condescending at all. Nor am I claiming to know everything. No need to be so defensive, dude. I'm thinking logically. I don't really see the practicality of your request. You already have the grey bars by the left and right deck that start to turn red when tracking becomes compromised. Your idea is neat, but if it's meant to enable itself due to dust or unwanted vibrations, it will enable every time even when you don't want it to. The smallest spec of dust can cause tracking to be compromised for a split second sometimes which is hardly noticeable if you have a good spec laptop and almost never noticeable during audio playback unless it's a huge accumulation of dust on the needle. Like I said, neat idea, but I don't see this becoming a feature.
James01 9:19 PM - 11 October, 2017
Cool I see what you mean but I would definitely like it if the turntable gets knocked suddenly(happened to me one nightšŸ˜”) Maybe if there is only 70% grey or so.Who knows hopefully serato can someday cover every possible angle when playing with vinyl Dvs.
Laz219 4:07 PM - 25 October, 2017
What you want is a Rane Twelve.

SDJ already kills off so many off the vinyl bugs-
You can have horrible quality needles, bad records and dodgy turntables and it will still create good sound, no skips and stable pitch (to an extent)
Considering the idea of DVS is to allow using a traditional format with modern technology- the idea of having to occasionally check the needles for dust isn't really much of an issue in my mind.
You always have the tracking bars showing you any issues and if you learn to read the scopes, dust becomes incredibly obvious at a glance.
There also always emergency internal mode to skip anything back to int mode at 0% pitch.
I've used SSL/SDJ with turntables for about 11 years now, With a handful of bad moments caused by tracking, whereas on real vinyl- those record skips, bent/dusty needles or heavy handed scratches would've ruined a routine.

Dusting a needle every few tracks to be able to use my chosen format? Not a big deal.
Trying to pitch bend/juggle/scratch a track and finding the software has decided to put itself in 'int mode' and ignores my adjustemnts without me telling it to do thanks.