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Serato Sample VST in Presonus Studio1

ROG O 4:08 PM - 20 September, 2017
Anyone who's having problems getting Serato Sample to appear on the Presonus Studio 1V3.
Found the fix.
1.) Got to Programs on you C drive.
2.) Make sure you locate Presonus on the Program section not the Programs 86x.
3.) Open up Presonus folder and location plugins.
4.) open folder and copy and paste the Serato dll. Link to that folder.
Close it out.
5.) Go to Presonus DAW and open it up.
6.) Go to options and create a path to the location you pasted the dll. At.
7.) Go to Apply &Ok. Run blacklist scan.
8.) It should appear on the VST list inside the DAW.
WildPort 4:30 PM - 25 September, 2017
I had no probs at all with S1 and Serato Sample, just installed it on my vst plugins folder and that's it
ROG O 4:37 PM - 25 September, 2017
This is for those who weren't lucky like you. Thanks
WildPort 4:44 PM - 25 September, 2017
This has nothing to do with luck, i did exactly what we have to do in order to install vst's, nothing more, nothing less.
ROG O 4:55 PM - 25 September, 2017
Dude I'm not hear to go back and forth with you. I been doing this for over 25 years. This is for those who are experiencing problems with the VST. Bounce
WildPort 5:08 PM - 25 September, 2017
25 years and you still have problems with a simple procedure, but hey, it happens to the best of us. Like i said, has nothing to do with luck, at all, you are not unlucky, you just didn't know how to... And who the hell creates folders in documents for the vst's/dll's?

If you knew what you were doing you would go to options, locations and you would of seen where to install the vst's so that S1 "knows" where they are (C:\Program Files\VSTPlugIns,

I've been doing this for over 22 years myself, so don't be the way you are. You are the only one here having problems with Sample and S1. I'll leave it like it is, people like you are always have to be right so have a nice day and good luck.
ROG O 7:11 PM - 25 September, 2017
You sound really intelligent. Let's hear your corny production. Put up or shut up.
WildPort 7:20 PM - 25 September, 2017
Intelligent enough to know where to install the VSTPlugIns, go be a d..k somewhere else.
ROG O 7:21 PM - 25 September, 2017
Listen cockhead. One more time. Let's hear your production.
WildPort 7:24 PM - 25 September, 2017
Ok will do, you just keep looking for the vst folder
ROG O 7:29 PM - 25 September, 2017
Check out Butcherz Blok Music on ReverbNation

Get in that site and learn what real niggas do. Serato is one of my toys that I use when building my PC's. A folder don't mean much. Simple things to help people out is what I'm about. Again if your nasty prove yourself. I will respect you.
ROG O 7:41 PM - 25 September, 2017
Ok. I figured that...nothing to show...Anyone who wants to post dumb stuff. Please have a resume...otherwise keep your 2 cents out of the discussion.
WildPort 7:44 PM - 25 September, 2017
You should respect others no matter what the cause, all i did was tell you that i had no problems with Serato and S1, and i was ready to help out, but you had to be a smart ass. I don't need to prove myself to nobody.
Real n....s treat others as they want to be treated, but hey, a white boy using the n word says it all, go out for a walk once in a while, your pathetic.
WildPort 7:45 PM - 25 September, 2017
You're pathetic not your, my bad
ROG O 7:53 PM - 25 September, 2017
My dude...again you got it all wrong. Don't get it twisted I'm a Brooklyn Boriqua who has African Blood. Don't assume anything. I want to hear your music..send me a link...I will respect you knowing that you are a audio engineer/ producer. Not a Serato Sampler musician. Serato is a fine tool but it just a fraction of my arsenal.
WildPort 8:10 PM - 25 September, 2017
I use Akai MPC Studio and Maschine MK2, Serato is also a part of my arsenal that i use once in a while, and yes, i am a producer/ engineer. I grew up in Newark NJ, but that's not what is important here, what important is that i always try to help if i can.
All good, just do your's and i'll do mine hombre.
ROG O 8:16 PM - 25 September, 2017
Still haven't heard your shit...I'm waiting
ROG O 8:17 PM - 25 September, 2017
Why would you use three samplers?
Serato should be enough.
Michael R 1:50 AM - 26 September, 2017
Please stop this guys.

Thread locked.
1:50 AM, 26 Sep 2017
Discussion locked by Michael R