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Midi Mapping to MPC...

deejayplatinum 11:22 AM - 14 September, 2017
Perhaps I have missed it, but surely there is a way to midi map the pads on the Serato Sample screen to the pads of my choice on my MPC X (or any controller for that matter). I would like to be able to have all 16 chops line up with 16 pads on one bank on my MPC instead of being scattered across different banks. Is this possible? Thank you.
AKIEM 7:14 PM - 15 September, 2017
I use an MPC Renascence to trigger Sample in Reason or Ableton. The midi template I most often use is mapped to Kong in Reason. This map is in the octave range for Sample mapping. Hit a pad on MPC and it maps to Sample. I dont use MPC software other than loading the mapping. Without the mapping the MPC notes will be out of range.