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some missing feature

jsblack 3:28 AM - 12 September, 2017

I'm actually enjoying a lot demoing SERATO SAMPLE, it's a great/neat Tool that i will buy for sure. I am missing some feature tough..

- Being able to eject a track while keeping some cells to load another track and set some new cells And being able to Save all slices in a SERATO/SAMPLE folder in Logic/DAW folder project.
Like that if you loose the track where your samples are from , you still have the slices to work with..

- What would be really neat too: being able to reorganise the cells once editing is done.
To play samples on piano keyboard, sometimes it's easier to play them in a different order .. didn't found the way to exchange cells position..
A control clic on each cell with a menu like - copy paste - exchange two cells.. etc would be neat..

- Resizable GUI

(More optional):

- Undo Redo arrows

- ADSR per cells to shape the samples like we’ve been doing with hardware sampler (ASR-10 for me)

- Some looping mode per slice ( forward and backward looping is useful..)

Thanks :-)