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sample cutting each other off

triz 19120 12:39 AM - 12 September, 2017
i use mpc studio and if i put a sample on one sequence and add a sequence and use another sample how do i cut off the sample in sequence 1 and poly mode plays 2 many notes and if i use mono the who;e note wont play
Scott S 3:27 AM - 13 September, 2017
Hi triz 19120,

You can use the playback toggles at the top of the plug-in window to change between Trigger and Hold mode. If it is set to Hold mode, playback will continue as long as you hold the note down. Trigger mode will trigger the sample playback until another pad is triggered (depending on release time). These toggles work for both Mono and Poly modes.

Hope this helps :)
triz 19120 10:13 AM - 13 September, 2017
Yes i use the hold when lying down the track but during playback of 2 diffence sequences if i swith to mono the whole sample wont play it plays a skipping sound..
itsdexterity 8:56 AM - 31 August, 2018
I'm having the exact same problem & it's driving me insane any help is greatly appreciated (i'm really missing maschine right now)