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Having to Buy Serato DJ - Again

Oldschooldj 10:35 PM - 3 September, 2017
A long time ago I bought the original Numark NS7 with Serato Itch. Had problems but as a patient man it was no biggie. I then bought the NS6 for portability and had Serato DJ with it. I waited out many Betas and several versions to get just what I wanted. At 67 years old my greatest thrill is DJ'ing for fa,ily and friends for little or no money but the NS6 is too much controller for these functions, and weight is an issue at my age. The Mixtrack Platinum fits my needs like a charm, and all those years sticking with Serato has given me the kind of skill that only comes with years of practice. So I buy the controller and love it for two weeks and then the bomb drops. I am stuck with DJ Intro and stunned that I must pay again (have no doubt, when you buy the NS6 you pay for DJ, nothing is free) for Serato DJ. I should be able to use the same Serato DJ that works on the NS6 with the Mixtrack Platinum. I am extremely disappointed with a company that sees itself as a friend to DJ community.
So much so that I am returning the Platinum, trashing the NS6 and turning my trusting back on Serato.
DJ Tecniq 2:59 AM - 4 September, 2017
You need to understand that you bought a entry level controller...just because you bought the NS6 does not mean it's compatible with your mixtrack platinum for use w/SDJ they are completely different products. One of them (NS6) is a Serato DJ ready controller. The Mixtrack Platinum is an upgrade device for SDJ as it only comes with Serato DJ Intro software. Now if you bought an official Serato DJ license you could use any Serato DJ intro controller w/Serato DJ. Unfortunately if you want to use the mixtrack platinum with Serato DJ you'll have to purchase a SDJ license or use the subscription service. You should always research before purchasing a product it clearly mentions the mixtrack platinum is a controller compatible for Serato DJ Intro...however it is upgradable for Serato DJ which requires a licensed purchase.
DJ Tecniq 3:08 AM - 4 September, 2017
So you're complaining about a product you knew was only a Serato DJ Intro ready device. It's always best to buy the more expensive controllers as they are fully functional with Serato DJ. See your hardware page which mentions the Mixtrack Platinum is upgradable for Serato DJ ->
Oldschooldj 9:03 PM - 4 September, 2017
Thank you, you are correct, I should have done more research. However, no article that I saw made plain the fact that compatible means "exclusively". In other words, instead of " once the 14 day trial has expired, you WILL NOT be able to use SDJ unless you purchase the product." If the controller works with the purchased or subscription SDJ product, please explain how it "can-not" operate with a previously purchased product. There must be 2 separate SDJ's. One that comes with an expensive controller and a different one that only works with the less expensive controller after you purchase it. What comes with the SDJ product that changes the hardware so that it can run the product?
I know now, ask if the previously purchased (it is always included in the price of the hardware) software will work on the new hardware so that you don't have to pay $250.00 for the controller and then $99 more for the software that allows you to grid your tracks for precise performance. And for those who claim that beginner DJs don't need to grid their tracks...would you agree that beginner DJs shouldn't by the $99 product as it would be a waste of money?
Oldschooldj 11:11 PM - 5 September, 2017
A beginner needs to record his mixes.
Laz219 2:16 AM - 6 September, 2017
It's pretty simple really...

Higher end controllers have a hardware licence tied to them, when you buy that hardware it comes with the ability to 'unlock' the software.
For that reason, when you sell the controller on- the licence goes with it. You cannot retain it for your own use.

In a world of $100 controllers, it makes sense for Serato to offer manufacturers (and in the end, it's them who choose what to ship with their product) a stripped down version that we can assume they licence to the hardware manufacturers for less.
Otherwise the cheap controllers become less cheap.

You say Serato 'sees itself as a friend of DJs' - as true as that may be- it's a business. They have to make money to be able to operate at all.

If you look at it the other way- If you just buy one piece of hardware that has full SDJ- you get consistent updates with new features and a huge support period without ever having to spend another cent with them.
Oldschooldj 7:44 PM - 6 September, 2017
Thanks Laz219. That makes a great deal of sense and I truly appreciate the fact that you took time to see that I had a better understanding. Honestly, in light of your explanation I see, and can support that business decision. I suppose the far greater scenario is the beginner who starts with low-budget hardware and intro software and then upgrades rather than downgrades. A serious hardware upgrade calls for a more feature packed software, and it comes with the "high end" controller. If you wish to keep your low end hardware but get the features of SDJ, $99 is not much.
I assume that if I buy the full license, I can use it with any compatible hardware and don't have to buy it again when newer and better controllers are offered? Thanks again.
Laz219 12:26 AM - 7 September, 2017
Yep, once you buy a licence for SDJ- you then own the software 'in full' regardless of what you connect to it.