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Serato Sample and FL Studio 12.5 Latency Problem

Tew1383 2:14 PM - 25 August, 2017
Hey Serato,
It seems there is a latency issue with Serato Sample in Fl studio 12.5. As soon as its loaded and a song is loaded for just playback my mixer levels are way behind the actual reading, cursor in the playlist lags behind and it is impossible to record any midi data even if the input was qunatized before recording. The weird thing about it is my cpu meter never goes above 4 in Fl Studio. I decided to do some tests on different asio drivers but all had the same issue no matter what buffer size between 10ms to 30ms. I uninstalled serato sample then reinstalled to see if things would change and nothing. I uninstalled Fl Studio and went back to Fl Studio 12.4.2 and problem was gone. Is there anyway of fixing this issue on an upcoming upgrade ? I can live without a few features that are new in Fl 12.5 but would likebto have everything running smoothly the near future. Also I run Serato Dj with Pitch N Time and have had no dropouts at 1ms buffer size on ah Denon DS1 unless recording a set and the drops are very minimal 1 or 2 every hour
Scott S 1:25 AM - 28 August, 2017
Hey Tew1383, are you using the 64bit version of FL Studio?

We're aware of a graphical issue with Serato Sample on FL Studio 64bit versions where if the Serato Sample GUI is open on the screen then other elements in FL studio - like the playhead cursor in the Piano Roll - suffer a slight frame rate drop. We're still investigating this issue but currently the workaround is to close the Serato Sample plugin GUI when working on the Piano Roll or recording MIDI in FL Studio.

If this is different to the issue you're having, are you able to post up a link to a video showing the problem?

Thanks for the report, we'll let you know of any improvements to this :)

scare 2:07 PM - 17 September, 2017
Whats helps is to tick vst wrapper settings / processing --> make bridged" If you get a grey gui make processing ---> external window" .