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Sync - SX2

marvtress 7:42 AM - 19 August, 2017
Hi. I am slightly dissapointed with the sync feature, or it isn't working as it should.

I have analysed tracks (about 8 times) and created some protected loops. I like to loop the start of one and the end of another, keep it going for 3 or 4 minutes whilst I throw an accapella over or do something else, then let the tune play and go again.

What should I expect from Serato because so far in my experience even if I don't do the loop thing and just let two tracks play side by side they do not stay in perfect sync. Loops are even worse.

Neither simple or smart sync seem to work the way they should with tracks always slipping out.

Please help.

Please don't tell me about how to Dj traditionally, I have served my time in many night clubs. I'm in the serato forum and am asking a question about a serato feature.
Laz219 8:53 AM - 22 August, 2017
Are you gridding your track manually?

Especially with acapellas, this needs to be done if you want to keep it tight- especially over long periods.
marvtress 9:00 AM - 22 August, 2017
Yeah, so since then i have gridded EVERYTHING manually. All tracks, even non accapella.

It is much much better now, so its not the sync, is the auto creation of the grids that is not bang on the money.

I also think that if you run a loop it doesn't resync the beat grid every time the loop restarts.

As an example, if i have a track running with a straight 4/4 beat, not looped in serato, just keeps going, and then i have a short loop continually, well looping. And the first kick of the loop is spot on, but the grid drifts slightly during the single loop, but not massively.

Every time the loop restarts i would expect the grid to match up again and keep doing that.

But it doesn't seem to, the dirt seems to cumulatively add up and it continues to go wayward instead of re syncing.

Having said that i have stopped testing for a while now as my manual grids are much much better.

Thanks for the reply.
marvtress 9:01 AM - 22 August, 2017
the ***drift*** seems to cumulatively
Laz219 9:03 AM - 22 August, 2017
I have the same issue with loops, although I always chalked that up to my setup (because I don't use beatgrids/sync) I assumed the software was just doing the best it could.

Are you using DVS or a controller?
marvtress 9:09 AM - 22 August, 2017
I'm using a pioneer controller - SX2. using simple and smart sync, same all the time.

So my train of thought is, (ill probably get shot for this but I've earnt my stripes so i don't care :-) )

I don't want to waste time getting speeds right. Ive done that for years. I now want to let the tech do that for me whilst i focus on other things like creating new hooks and material, more of a performance rather than just a demonstrable ability to match two speeds, which i know i can do.