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Render in place with cubase

Loopman 8:20 PM - 18 August, 2017
I use Serato Sample with Cubase 9.020.. I used this Sample plugin on 3 projects so far - they all have the same problem:

when I do "render in place" to get the audio from the plugin it don't render properly, many clips are missing (it the same clips over and over - some render perfect, some don't)

it is annoying having to copy and paste my track inside of just do "render in place" as the plugin plays it perfect there must be a bug in serato sample ?! anyone else got this problem?
Scott S 4:24 AM - 20 September, 2017
Hi Loopman, could it be the positioning of your MIDI notes? We don't currently support Cubase so not 100% sure what the issue could be - I know Logic Pro has a "render in place" type of feature and if the MIDI isn't correctly aligned on some synths that are set to monophonic playback issues like this can happen.

Are you using MONO or POLY mode in Serato Sample?
Loopman 1:49 PM - 22 October, 2017
I use mono and all midi is quantized so no overlapping of midi notes should occur, but hey you never know with computers - I noticed this on other projects as well, I will look deeper into it next time.