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Synced tracks running off beat

Trevord689 3:38 PM - 16 August, 2017
So quick synopsis, pretty new to DJing (3 months) most of what i've learned are from established artists so the details get lost.

But i'm confused as hell because i recently made the switch from Vdj-Serato (sx, intro sb2)

well i didn't really notice this until today two tracks i mix together all the time because they are heaven to your ears, well come to find out Serato's sync doesn't keep them in time, and its damn near impossible to keep jogging the wheel and mix them in and it suuuucks.

I do not notice this issues as much when I use Serato, but its pretty noticeable when i use Intro

Reading some past posts it tells of ways to work around it....but doing a manual beat/pitch match it can still fall off because of that slight variation doing it this way.

tl:dr Greenhorn bedroom DJ, Sync not working correctly or am i just that bad?
Laz219 8:49 AM - 22 August, 2017
SDJ and Intro use a different version of Sync.
To be honest I don't know what the actual difference is but in their comparison table they do describe Intro as 'basic sync' and SDJ as 'full'