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2017 MacBook Pro

Dj Mixstyles 9:11 AM - 14 August, 2017
B4 I buy the new MacBook I saw a YouTube video pertaining to this article
Is this fixed in 1.9.6?
DJ Tecniq 10:29 AM - 14 August, 2017
Nope it's not really Serato's problem it's an Apple issue. Best way to avoid it is buy a Mac that is not one of the affected models mentioned in the article. Simple enough.
Dj Mixstyles 4:10 PM - 14 August, 2017
Ok cool
Dj Mixstyles 10:48 PM - 14 September, 2017
Question I bought a new 4tb hard drive I want to copy my D drive on my pic that's full of music onto the new hard drive to transition to me djing on my new MacBook Pro do I plug in and drag and drop on this new hard drive or do I have to format the drive to fat 32 first, then plug in to my pc to get the music, new to this, and it's a WD
Dj Mixstyles 10:49 PM - 14 September, 2017
2016 MacBook Pro 15' by the way
Marcus S 4:49 AM - 19 September, 2017
Hey there DJ Mixstyles,

If you're transferring from a Windows computer to a Mac, I recommend you format your new drive as exFAT - this doesn't have the limitations of FAT32.

Please follow these instructions:

If you're having any trouble with this, please open a help request by hitting the green button on this page.
Dj Mixstyles 2:32 AM - 20 September, 2017
Ok I did that but a lot of songs are missing I relocated everything but songs are missing how do I do the back up