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Serato life time subscription and customer service troubles...

cheesy mouse 5:39 AM - 12 August, 2017
About 2 months ago I purchased the full license for Serato DJ for professional use. This means I can use it on any computer at any time all I have to do is deactivate it on the old computer... well that's when the troubles began. 2 weeks ago, I upgraded my PC for audio production and DJing and proceeded to install Serato only to find out that not only did my old pc no longer let me use Serato anymore when it had worked fine until now, Serato was also showing me that I did not have any subscription activated, thus I could no longer use their software on any device what so ever and it was also going to be challenging conveying this to their staff. So, for a week now I have been in communication with Serato trying to prove that I did indeed purchase a license by providing payment details and personal information but they have been incredibly slow with responding to my request with only 1 message a day.

Now, normally I would sit back and accept that any company is going to be slow with support, however, this is a product that people use as part of their job such as myself and now not only am I losing money by not having access to the product I paid for, I am also having to explain to people who were expecting me to do work for them why I cannot at the moment.

I honestly never thought I would have troubles with a DJ software company and I have faith that they will try to resolve this, but for now, I must share this with the public because this is so far unacceptable.
antz135 9:42 AM - 31 January, 2018
Hey there did you manage to get this problem fixed? I'm facing the same predicament when with my lifetime subscription after my pc was reset due to a system update. Need urgent help!