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Advise for having all MP3 at the same level

mixgoonie 12:03 PM - 11 August, 2017

I am posting this topic here because in SDJ, you can setup the gain when the midi controller is connected, this is not possible in intro, so you better have correct gain for using Intro.

To do so, i've found a particular way to apply the gain with MP3gain, not the way you usually do by entering a value and applying it to all tracks.

First apply the DB of 95 for all your tracks. Then you remove all tracks in the list EXCEPT the one which are clipping. Apply the value of 94DB and again leave only the one which are clipping. Apply then the db of 93 you are done.

I never went below than 93 even if some track are still clipping. In the most cases, it could be slightly higher than other tracks but nothing to different.

I've done this on a 50gb library and tested in SDJ when i putted the gain analyses to default (CTRL + click on gain button) and that works really great for dance tracks.

I need to compare with 80th or rock tracks which doesn't have modern mastering.

That was my tip i wanted to share, specially for the intro dj users ;)
Laz219 9:38 AM - 12 August, 2017
Honestly...I just use autogain. I know it's got it's issues but I find it works really well.
If intro doesn't allow gain when connected to hardware, can't you just still correct with physical gain pots?
mixgoonie 11:39 AM - 12 August, 2017
I don't like having waves differences too high between mp3,for intro and sdj