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Serato Sample activation problem

DeeJae Snafu 4:52 PM - 5 August, 2017
I recently bought this vst and when i try to activate the program, i only get as far as entering my e-mail address. The little sample logo spins for a few, then it tels me to make sure im connected to the internet, or try again later. I am definitely connected to the internet, and my fire wall is not getting in the way. I have opened a ticket but havent heard anything yet, has anyone else run into this and know a work around?
Serato, Support
Scott S 11:03 PM - 6 August, 2017
Hi DeeJae Snafu, sorry to hear you're having issues. Please contact Serato Support if you're still having issues activating.

That error usually is displayed when the internet connection can not be established between the app and the host/DAW. Please make sure you have any "Enable Updates" or "Connect to the Internet" options enabled inside your DAW before trying to activate in Serato Sample. For example, the option in Ableton Live preferences to "Automatically check for updates" can interfere with the internet connection of plugins.

Also try using another internet connection or network.

shorteeblitz 11:56 PM - 1 October, 2017
Hi guys.

I've been trying to activate my Serato Sample, I get to the activation page, and get this:

'Error Code #7

Please check the clock is set correctly for your time zone on your computer and retry activation. If that doesn't help try to reinstall Serato Sample making sure you are logged in as the computer administrator.'

I've done everything it says, still throws up the same error message.

Any tips?

Riisingseas 12:11 PM - 16 October, 2017
I'm having a real problem with launching Sample vst. It is just opening in terminal. I can't work it out at all. I cannot find my activation code anywhere either.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Serato, Support
Scott S 10:08 PM - 16 October, 2017
Hi Riisingseas, Serato Sample is not a stand-alone application so make sure you're running through the installer steps, dragging the .VST or .AU file to the correct place and opening the plugin from inside your DAW.

Also there is no need for an activation code, you just sign in using the email address you used to purchase Serato Sample. Hope this helps!

Serato, Support
Scott S 10:08 PM - 16 October, 2017
Hi shorteeblitz, have you ever changed the clock on your computer before?
mrpogie 10:45 AM - 22 October, 2017
I am setting up my PC again after it failed but after I log in and go to activate it always says Please try again later. My PC is connected to the internet so I have no idea whats going on.
Serato, Support
Scott S 9:40 PM - 23 October, 2017
Hi mrpogie contact Serato Support and they'll be able to get you up and running :)

You can start a new help request here >
Jlove 8:18 PM - 24 April, 2018
Hey All, after no word back for ages after getting No Internet connection error I found a workaround. Since the vst/au just need to be unlocked once, if you have another DAW than or a program like Maschine which can launch a plugin, you may find that program able to reach the internet.

I launched Maschine stand alone, and then loaded the plugin from there, and it made the outgoing call just fine. Re-opened Ableton Live and the plugin works now.

Give it a try, and I hope this helps someone else who has a paid version of this up and running. I was frustrated for a few months for purchasing this one during a sale to never have it work.