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Serato/Roland Sampling Groovebox

Chino 12:33 PM - 29 July, 2017
I originally put this suggestion in the Serato new features thread but it belongs here...

Serato is once again venturing into the world of music production with it's 'Sample' app. Roland is once again venturing into the DJ world with the DJ-808 & 909 controller/turntables. It would be GREAT if Serato & Roland combined their efforts by releasing a standalone sampling groovebox!!

Imagine Serato's Pitch N' Time & Sample app built into a standalone Roland sampling hardware unit! Now that would be some next level sh@#!!!
Scott S 2:22 AM - 31 July, 2017
Roland are a good partner of ours, and we have talked closely about future products/ideas but no plans I can share with you at this stage :)

Cool idea though!