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Question on Serato : CUE (saves)

Xtadeus 9:00 AM - 29 July, 2017
Hi Djs of the world :-)

I am new here and I have a question :

I am starting to learn the CUE on my tracks.

I have searto DJ Intro on my computer and I also installed it on an external hard drive to work on tracks when I am no at home. So I have 2 serato Dj intro.

If I open a track using the searto on my computer and put cues on it, I see that cues are still present when I open the track using the serato I installed on my external hard drive.

I would like to know how it works ?

The cue are installed on the track itself ? Whatever serato I use ( from my computer, my external hard drive... ? )

I would not want to work several hours and see afterwards that the cue are not present anymore...

Buddafingaz 3:39 AM - 10 October, 2017
Bro, your wasting your time with the Serato Intro, cause, the full version does so much more for you my friend, and is basically one in the same, except for some important things that Serato DJ does. And, if you plan to DJ for a while, and put in the hard work, and lots of practice, then its worth it, just that much more man. Its like 10 bux a month, or 99 bux to buy it. :). But, honestly I think that you'll initially respect, and like the full version that much better, and everything will work out great for you, and the cues will stick, if you fully play a song to the end at least once, all the way, and with all your cues, and then, it will always be there for you my friend, lol, to help you bump them beats brotha, cool man, take care mate. More effects, more packs just better bro, check it out sometime, forgot to mention that, lol, have a good one bro.
Xtadeus 6:37 AM - 10 October, 2017
hehe thx for the reply but yes since then, I am on Serato DJ ;-)
Buddafingaz 6:46 AM - 10 October, 2017
lol haha. Cool man, didn't even realize the date, till after I sent it, sorry bud, but, hopefully your grooving my man, take care bro. :)
Xtadeus 7:48 AM - 10 October, 2017
yeah take care too ;-)

I am having fun ;-) if you want to see a little bit ;-) ( just a summary of an evening until 8 minutes )
Buddafingaz 5:11 PM - 11 October, 2017
cool video man. :)
Xtadeus 6:06 PM - 11 October, 2017
Thank you ;-) It was an evening with my 3 friends ;-) We celebrated the fact that we had more than 750 followers on twitch ;-) so we did a live with games and mix ;-)

Rocket League, then mix ( Tote2k I linked it to you under the video )
Then me ( you watched it ;-) ) and then my last friend on fifa; -)

We do mixes from time to time so if you like that kind of music -) you are welcome to join us and listen to the music ^^

Here is for exemple what we did some days ago ( sorry twitch are cutting some songs with copyright after the live... )

Tote2k :
Mine : starting at 39 min :

Hope you enjoy ;-) ( I am not a pro ^^ )
Buddafingaz 6:14 PM - 11 October, 2017
Sounds great brotha, like how you got the channel up & running, thats really cool man, I should wear a fuckn mask, then maybe I wouldn't be so DJ shy, I love doing Drum & Bass, and Breakbeats, and Jungle, and House, & Trance, haven't messed with to much trance yet, but, cool video bro, we should collaborate sometime, can't believe that twitch wouldn't play your whole mix, its not like your selling your mixes, its copyright when its being sold, but, maybe with all the attention on your channel, maybe someone noticed that you were using their track or something, copyright is a bitch my friend, and theirs many different reasons why they come after you, regarding copyright. lol. I'm going to school for Music Production right now, and practicing my Djing on my down time. Its great to meet you bro, def look forward to hearing more of your music brotha, great idea with the mask man, I gotta do that sometime, then I wouldn't have to worry about if I suck, then, its just the guy in the mask that sucks..... lol haha. :)
Buddafingaz 6:16 PM - 11 October, 2017
Yeah man, that sucks that they blocked your video bro, I tried to check it out again on here, but at least its on Youtube, right.... :)
Xtadeus 6:23 PM - 11 October, 2017
You can listen some of the tracks that were mixed but yeah they have blocked some others... I will have to record myself and then upload it on youtube ;-) and hope youtube does not the same ;-)

Will see in the future ^^ Anyway thanks for the message ^^ I started to mix in August. ( never touched a dj system before )

And yeah try to do it live as well ;-) and wear some mask or whatever you want if you are shy ^^ ahah ^^

Cya ! Take care !