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Help, I am new to Djing and i cannot get my Serato Dj Intro to detect my Pioneer

JackoLees 11:35 AM - 27 July, 2017
Hi i need help, I am new to Djing and have recently bought a dj kit. I am using MacBook Pro. I cannot get my Serato Dj Intro to detect my Pioneer DJJ-SB2, it says "Hardware disconnected" i have plugged in all USB cables I needed and also the output cable, controller is lit up and looks asif it should work. When i unplug the output cable, it just plays the music i select on my laptop out loud, and when i plug it back in, even with all volumes turned up, there is no sound, and it doesn't let me mix anything or use my controller. Please help, am i missing something?
mixgoonie 12:55 PM - 27 July, 2017
What usually works for me is to start another DJ software which uses your controller soundcard and then to start again Serato intro. If you don't have any other dj software, install Mixxx and setup it correctly with your controller soundcard.

It is a workaround, not a fix ;)
DJ Tecniq 11:33 PM - 27 July, 2017
Which MacBook Pro and OS are you using? I have the SB2 as well and had no problem connecting it to software I'm on Yosemite OSX.
DJ Tecniq 11:36 PM - 27 July, 2017
Mine connected right away to Serato DJ Intro however I had to pay for the Serato DJ license to fully use it with Serato DJ. Are you positive you are using the intro software? It will not work with Serato DJ unless you pay for a license. It is a entry level controller for their basic software "Serato DJ Intro" however it is a upgrade-ready device for "Serato DJ" which requires a license which is another $100 unless it's on sale. Cheers
mixgoonie 7:40 AM - 28 July, 2017
I have both and since you can prepare the tracklist with SDJ in offline mode (without license) that intro can read, if you don't need thousend of options, intro remain a good software.

For recording, you can take a RCA duplicator, works very good.
Marcus S 4:38 AM - 4 August, 2017
Hey Jackolees,

Please go through all of the step in this connection guide:

If none of the steps get your SB2 to connect, please open a help request by clicking the green button on this page, and our support team will help you out directly.