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Numark Mixtrack pro 3, can't operate, Macbook running 10.5.8., Serato DJ Intro

DJ BAMM 11:00 PM - 23 July, 2017
have a macbook with 10.5.8, I can run Scratch live, due to I have 1200's, but bought a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, can't get it to operate. Due I need to upgrade to 10.6, snow leopard, to run Serato DJ Intro, need help, usually on Turntables, first time on a Controller.
DJ Tecniq 10:04 PM - 24 July, 2017
You need 10.6 as it's listed here on your hardware page. Make sure to download the drive if needed.
DJ Tecniq 10:09 PM - 24 July, 2017
In the "specs" tab you'll see 10.6 listed anything below prob won't work.
DJ BAMM 11:44 PM - 24 July, 2017
How do I download the drivers?
DJ BAMM 11:45 PM - 24 July, 2017
OK going to get 10.6
DJ Tecniq 4:37 AM - 25 July, 2017
How do I download the drivers?
Actually since you're on Mac you don't need drivers it's plug & play my bad. 10.6 should solve it.