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Mixtrack Pro 3 not working with Serato

DJ2ply 11:34 PM - 18 July, 2017
Ok, my Mixtrack Pro 3 will not work with serato, even though it came with it. Here is my system specs:

quad core xenon processor
8gb ram
240gb ssd
1tb data drive
Audigy fx5 sound card
NVidia 745 4gb graphics card

When I tried using serato DJ, nothing worked. Using intro I only get music coming out of the headphones.

I tried uninstalling both the software and the Mixtrack drivers, and reinstalled them with no success. Ive disabled the sound from the mixtrack and nothing.

Virtual DJ 8 works fine with my system. I am able to mix and listen to tracks. Anyone have some insight?

DJ Tecniq 12:48 AM - 19 July, 2017
The Mixtrack Pro 3 is only compatible with Serato DJ Intro (beginner software) however it is upgradeable for Serato DJ (advanced software) which is a paid upgrade. I would update any video card drivers or updates for your laptop if needed. Not positive but Serato software requires an iprocessor like (i3, i5 or i7) so your processor may not be supported or able to function with the software. Hopefully that's not the case.
DJ2ply 1:01 AM - 19 July, 2017
I had it running on a dual core so that's not the issue. my video and audio drivers are up to date. if I can't get intro working, I'm not going to pay for the upgrade.
DJ2ply 1:04 AM - 19 July, 2017
and I might add I tried installing it on an i7 and got the same result
DJ Tecniq 5:19 AM - 19 July, 2017
and I might add I tried installing it on an i7 and got the same result
Very odd where did you purchase the controller? Have you maybe tried a diff USB cable?
DJ2ply 9:41 AM - 19 July, 2017
I have tried several different cables and got the same result. I bought it from a music store.
Nathaniel T 3:42 AM - 26 July, 2017
Hey there,

Can you please ensure that you have run through all the steps in this guide -

If you have done this and you are still having issues I would suggest that you get in touch with Serato Support. You can do that here -
DJ2ply 1:43 AM - 29 July, 2017
I have done all the steps and nothing. I have a xenon quad core processor. the requirements say an i3, but my quad core performs better