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Feedback: Serato Sample and the Akai MPC

jahrome 3:51 AM - 18 July, 2017
I am an MPC Live (as soon MPC-X) user. I had 2 days with Serato Sample and loving it so far. I am using it as a plugin within the MPC Software. I have Sample's parameters mapped to the Qlinks in the MPC. which works fairly well. However, I have some suggestions to improve it:

1. Number of Cue points. 16x cue points is very limiting. I would like to see at least 32x cue points.

2. Mappable parameters. All of Serato Sample's parameters should be mappable. E.g., I would love to be able to map Sample's Zoom controls to Qlink knobs of my MPC. Such features will allow users to use the available controllers on the market (MPC, Maschine, Push, etc) for a mouse / keyboard free workflow. In other words, Sample would be better integrated with these workstations.

3. Active Cue point. Sample has sets of parameters for each cue point. But if you have an external controller, this can be frustrating. Sample needs a more streamlined approach.

Users should be able to assign Key shift, Stretch, Filter, Level, Attack, Release, Reverse, etc to knobs on an external controller once.

Than they should be able to select a Cue1 to make it the active cue point. Then use the controller to adjust the aforementioned parameters. Then a user should be able to select Cue2 and then use the same controls to adjust its parameters. This is much more user friendly.

4. Envelopes/LFOs. Consider adding some basic Envelopes and LFOs to Sample.

5. Export. Add a feature that will allow users to export Cue points with their settings as samples.

......that is my Top 5 wants.
AKIEM 10:47 PM - 18 July, 2017
+1. I just asked for 2 and 3 in the midi thread.
jahrome 11:35 PM - 18 July, 2017
FYI, excuse the grammar / spelling in my post. :)
WildPort 9:36 AM - 20 July, 2017
@jahrome, great ideas, i have the mpc studio black, and it would be awesome to use the qlinks knobs to control the beginning and end of the samples. My main daw is studio one 3 professional, and i would love to use serato and studio one without having to open the mpc software as a plugin
jahrome 3:18 AM - 21 July, 2017
Thanks. I hope more and more companies continue to listen to user feedback. The Akai MPC is not listed as a supported Serato Sample DAW which is a little disappointing.

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