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Tap Button Function?

DjStever 11:40 AM - 24 June, 2017
Is the tap button supposed to have the ability to manually set the bpm on a song?
I have a mixtrack pro 3 with serato dj intro-
If so, how do you get it into that mode.

Added: I have not figured out how to delete the original post I made on this that has a confusing typo in the title, so I'm reposting this with the correction.
Laz219 11:14 PM - 24 June, 2017

From memory- double click in the BPM box and you can then use the spacebar to tap out the BPM.
Enter to save it.
Marcus S 2:55 AM - 6 July, 2017
Hey there,

You can hit Alt-Spacebar to open the BPM tapper for the left deck (hit it twice for the right deck), then hit Spacebar to tap out your BPM and Enter to save.

Please note that 'Snap to Beatgrid' will have to be switched off in the SETUP menu for this to work.