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Pioneer DJM-700 vs DJM-800

DJ Tecoy 1:01 AM - 16 June, 2009
I'm looking to upgrade my mixer (midi mixer of course). I currently use a Denon X1500s.

Those of you using a 700 or 800 which would you recommend & why? Are there any advantages of one over the other in using Video-SL?

Thanks for the help.
VJ Justin Allen 1:06 AM - 16 June, 2009
Here is a link to a great chart made by Pioneer on the differences between all of their mixers. Hope this helps you.
Rebelguy 1:12 AM - 16 June, 2009
Just more midi controls on the 800. There are 61 compared to 49 but realistically you only really need to map the crossfader, upfaders and maybe a couple for the effects.
VJ Justin Allen 1:24 AM - 16 June, 2009
There are more buttons on the 800, things like fader start controls (2 more on the 800) as well as an extra fader curve, different mic connections and more effects on the 800 vs the 700, plus more stuff that is different (rotary faders FTW!)

Both are good mixers, and both can use Serato well. It all depends on all the things you are looking for.
dj_JM 6:58 AM - 18 December, 2009
Are the features on the DJM 800 worth the $600 difference compared to the DJM 700? What I really want to know is if the sound quality (when used with SL3), additional MIDI controls and added effects are worth the $600 difference?

Also, a Guitar Center rep mentioned that when using SL1 on the the DJM 700 vs DJM 800, the sound quality is drastically different, but when using SL3, the difference is hardly noticeable. Is that true?
Rebelguy 4:43 PM - 18 December, 2009
I don't see how there would be a difference. They supposedly use the same internal components for the audio path.
Millz 4:46 PM - 18 December, 2009
Its like gettin a Caddy, without power windows.
Millz 4:46 PM - 18 December, 2009
@ djm700 vs 800
Rebelguy 5:04 PM - 18 December, 2009
Its like gettin a Caddy, without power windows.

And heated seats and DVD navigation.
Eric N 11:35 PM - 20 January, 2010
Anyone out there using Video SL with a 700? I have been saving up for a 57, but I am thinking that honestly, a 700 might be better for my situation. The club I do Fridays at uses a 600, so I am already familiar... plus I could use the 2 other channels to map MIDI functions to.

The main question is whether the sound quality with an SL1 is actually an issue (as described above). I also would like to know if you can get a decent cut on the crossfader curve... the 600 was better than the 500, but still not like a Rane!
DJMuErTe 12:00 AM - 21 January, 2010
Best thing to do is go to gc and try both of them =)
personally i like the 800 better than the 700 cause of the effects, but then again you can get away with the 700 if thats not important to you.
Eric N 12:15 AM - 21 January, 2010
I have played on 57s a few times, and on Pioneer 600s for years. It really comes down to the overall sound quality. The 57 would let me not bring an SL1 box, but the 700 would give me more control options without an outboard MIDI box.

DJ Johnny D 7:43 PM - 21 January, 2010
Hey, Tecoy! I LOVE my 800!!! I highly suggest it even though I know nothing about the 700.
DJ Tecoy 3:25 AM - 24 January, 2010
Wassup Johnny D,
Now that we will be able to rock 4 decks, is the DJM-800 still a viable option. Glad I didn't make a purchase yet. How is that going to work with video? There's your constant video loop if ever you needed one! I'm sure the Sixty-Eight is going to have a nice price tag, will it fit a standard 12inch mixer case, same as the DJM-800 or a special case needed? That would suck needing to buy a new case, Oh well!
Dj Ace 7:17 AM - 24 January, 2010
wait for the rane 68... An ALL in one solution!!
DJ Tecoy 5:22 PM - 9 February, 2010
Ok, the 68 has to steep of a price tag for me. I opted for the DJM-800. Now to get the midi cable & map my video-sl.

Thank you all for your advice & help.

Time to have some new fun & remixes.
DJ Tecoy 5:23 PM - 9 February, 2010
Oh yeah, happy birthday to me- my present is a DJM-800 to myself! :-)
VJ Justin Allen 5:55 PM - 9 February, 2010
You will love the 800...have fun
Hitman303 9:00 PM - 9 February, 2010
Hey Dj Tecoy, I just got the DJM-800 as well, and I too wanted it for Video-sl. Right now,I have been trying different configurations with the midi-mapping. But so far it's a great mixer. I was deciding between the Ecler evo-4 and djm-800. good luck with your setup, let us know how you like it.
Rebelguy 9:40 PM - 9 February, 2010
I went with the Evo 4. A little more complicated than the 800 but a better mixer overall.
Greg B. 7:17 AM - 9 October, 2012
Hi there. I have recently recieved an offer of 1199€ for a DJM 800. Compared to DJM 700, this is only about 350-400€ difference, so my question is, if all the new features on DJM 800 are worth about 400€ more ?

Thanks for the advice.
phatbob 8:34 AM - 9 October, 2012
Depends on your needs.

In terms of FX, the seperate filters on each channel are cool, otherwise the two have pretty similar FX.

The digital inputs are good on the 800 but pointless if you use Scratch Live.

If you're big into scratching then the innfofader can be fitted into the 800 but not the 700.

I own a 700 and play on a mixture of 700s, 800s and 900s. If you are used to one of them, you'll be totally happy using the others.