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Upgrading to Serato DJ from Scratch transfer of crates

Guy Morris 1:40 PM - 24 May, 2017
Hi. My question may sound dumb but I need to look at migrating over to SDJ but how do I save the crates and their contents on current Macbook in Scratch,so I can copy back into the new install? (maybe SDJ will be on a new Macbook but not certain if so I would copy my entire collection on to the new hardrive but same scenario) Do the crates save somewhere as a mapped folder? Never had to do this so advice please as I have not found much on this so it is either very simple no ones needs to ask (except me) or maybe you cant and have to rebuild all the crates?
Serato, Support
Mitch Hallett 4:50 AM - 25 May, 2017
Hey Guy,

Serato DJ and Serato Scratch Live read the exact same library.

This means if you were to install Serato DJ on the computer you are currently using, your crates and library will appear exactly the same as they do currently in Scratch Live.
Guy Morris 9:55 AM - 25 May, 2017
Hi Mitch OK thanks! that is great to hear for a same Macbook install.

What if I decide to go with a new Mac book is there a folder /directory I need to copy over that contains the crates ( I assume that the complete music library would need to be installed for the crates to access the files?) OR
(and not quite sure how Serato does this) ..each crate contains its own music file and not just a link to the main music directory?

Cannot really find much about this on the web/forums so do not want to start messing anything up! Does Serato have a How to upgrade/migrate tutorial at all?

Appreciate your time thanks
Serato, Support
Mitch Hallett 2:04 AM - 26 May, 2017
Check out the article below.

This will run you through the steps of backing up your library to an external device as well as loading that library onto a new computer.

If you have any issues or would like some assistance with this, you can open a help request here -
Guy Morris 10:00 AM - 26 May, 2017
Mitch a brilliant help
Thank you