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Audio Not Connecting 2016 MacBook Pro

4play 3:35 PM - 18 May, 2017
My problem is that often when I try to connect My S9 or SX2, Serato Dj will give me the " **** hardware connecting. This can take up to a minute " after that I get the "Failed to connect" message. Is there a fix or workaround for this other than rebooting the computer? Ive tried using a hub and while at first it seemed to make things better it really hasn't
Shaun C. 12:08 AM - 26 May, 2017
Hey there,

If you're finding you're still having issues, please follow our Mac troubleshooting guide which should solve all your connection issues:

Feel free to open a help ticket with us if you continue to have issues:
asaxena 4:14 PM - 2 June, 2017
I was having a similar problem with my dj808 and it turned out that I had too many items setup on the same midi channel, so I removed some of them and now everything is working well again...