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Relocate lost files does not work in Serato DJ

djkulo 1:02 PM - 9 May, 2017
Relocate Lost Files does not work in my Serato DJ.
I have already sent a Help Request Ticket to support and waiting for reply.

When I drop a Folder (where The missing files are located) in to the Relocate Lost Files box it starst a search and comes back with o files found.

Anyone else with this problem?

I contacted them the last time, last year 2016 in April and I was asked to use Serato Scratch Live 2.5.
For some reason my SSL keeps crashing and uninstalled it.

But I cannot Reinstall it again in my Mac Sierra OSX, Installation fails
JPLEM 6:33 PM - 15 May, 2017
I just had the same problem! I'm curious to know how to resolve this. I ended up having to move my files/folders back to where they originally were to "fix" the problem. Not the best solution. I contacted Serato help and still working with them to try and fix the issue. No luck so far...
Rave-olu-son 7:26 AM - 9 November, 2017
Same probleme..
Chez P 2:26 AM - 10 November, 2017

Can you get in touch with Serato support about this issue? Please click the 'Open Help Request' button to the right of this message.