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Serato DJ/ DDJ SZ2 Sampler?

dj AK ga 5:01 PM - 19 March, 2017
Just purchased the ddj sz2 to try since I've been anti-controllers... I'm actually a bit impressed compared to my last encounter with a controller but there's an issue bothering me. In Serato, the sampler can only be assigned to 1 2 3 4 Master. There's now Aux. if I assign it to master, it doesn't come out the "Master mix". It comes thru ALL 4 channels at once and it's summed audio. So if I have all 4 channel faders up, the sample plays loud as hell. If I have some faders down, it plays softer and if all faders are down, no sample plays from the sample. This is retarded and I'm hoping there's something I'm missing here or else this thing is going back next week and I will stick to my cdjs/technics and s9 mixer. Thanks for any help

P.S. Asked this question on pioneer's website and it looks like those forums are dead and no one answers any questions.
Jordan L 9:14 PM - 22 March, 2017

The DDJ-SZ2 doesn't have an aux channel as the existing 4 channels and mic input seem to cater to most. Does assigning it to one of the channels not suit your work flow?

Telony Ex 12:14 AM - 23 March, 2017
Doesnt the sampler have its own colume controll. Dont know if that shud help. Based on what writer described, i believe all he needs is a dedicated sampler volume controller
Jordan L 12:24 AM - 23 March, 2017
The DDJ-SZ2 does have an independent knob for adjusting the sampler's volume.
DJ-ILko-BG 7:58 PM - 18 April, 2017
I also bumped to the same problem with DDJ-SZ2. The missing AUX output in the sampler, and I can`t get why when you place it on the Master output the sample plays in all 4 channels at the same time... Isn`t it supposed to go only from the Master, no channels, only controlled by the dedicated knob for sampler volume ?

The DDJ-SZ(1) has the same problem with master output, but the aux is kind of a fix of this issue...
Wizz 11:45 PM - 23 April, 2017
Same thing here with my DDJ-Sz2. But for now I just routing my SP8 to play out thru channel 3 for now. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update
Hermanator 4:18 PM - 6 November, 2017
I'm having the same issue. It's clearly effecting all DDJ-SZ2 with Serato.

My concern is the way "Master" splits the Sampler volume across all 4 channels, and then sums them based on fader position.
We have a dedicated Sampler volume knob, which controls the software fader.

When set to "Master", it should be acting as it's own channel (software channel), being added in after the 4 channels.. not split it across all 4. It should be designed to operate similarly to the "Oscillator FX" when set to Master.

Please fix this with firmware, software, or driver, if possible. If not possible, please update us.

I'm not concerned about the Aux option, although more options are always nice.
Hermanator 11:30 PM - 7 November, 2017
Serato support just informed me that the M stands for Multi channel, and its not intended to be a Master output.

I am starting to like it this way for intentionally increasing sample volume with a fader i normally keep closed. (1.5 or 2 faders open to raise volume on a quiet sample).

Not as ideal as an aux channel of course, but it is an extra option to use.
Dj Ricky Redz 7:01 PM - 23 November, 2017
Just got my sz2 and realized this... It's driving me crazy as one of my signature style is to add a drop/sample in place of some words in a song to create a different meaning.
My fans love this so much that they would anticipate what drop I would use and shot it out the same time I play it... Well my work around is actually going to be buying a Roland 404sx since serato sampler is already so limited.
dj Navics 7:51 AM - 18 December, 2017
Its driving me crazy also why can there be a fix soon its been too long.
DJ Tecniq 8:24 AM - 18 December, 2017
Can’t you change the sampler settings in SDJ like for separate channel or master mix? Pretty sure these levels are available in the sampler.
DJ GIL BARBA 10:44 AM - 2 May, 2018
I returned mine and had to get another regular DDJ-SZ, I use Serato DJ Pro with Channels (1,2), SP8 (Sampler Bus), External iPad Sampler (Ch3), and a Drum Machine (Ch4) plus 2 Mics. Hope there's a solution soon tho.
dj_soo 9:42 AM - 3 May, 2018
my guess is it's the way pioneer routes the audio. The SZ/SZ2 routes audio via the hardware unlike the lower end controllers like the SX or SRs which does it via software.

Same reason the SZ didn't have post fade software effects.