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Using SSL to change tags within iTunes library???

Scratch Live
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Alexander 3:08 AM - 8 July, 2004
Ok I have done some more extended work catergorizing my tunes within SSL and I am trying to change the genre field on some of my tunes within the iTunes library list and within my SSL crate all goes fine but when I close out and then return the changes are not staying put! All this work is being done in SSL just to clarify once again not the iTunes app.
Josh 3:54 AM - 8 July, 2004
Hi Alexander,

This comes from the fact that SSL can't write to the iTunes library, you would have edited the tags and saved the changes to the _files_ but your iTunes library is now out of date and needs to be refreshed from within iTunes.
Alexander 4:38 AM - 8 July, 2004
So if I want to edit something for iTunes to see it.... I have to edit it within iTunes app itself..I won't be able to change tags so it reflects in both SSL and iTunes....I just thought if I changed something in iTunes Library within SSL the changes would reflect into iTunes app biggie....thanks for the response Josh.
Sam 12:13 AM - 10 July, 2004
Further info for other iTunes users: If you are using the "read iTunes library" setting, Scratch LIVE will get info from the XML file written when iTunes quits.

Scratch LIVE cannot write to the iTunes library file. If you edit tags within Scratch LIVE, the information will be written into the MP3 file. However, iTunes will not be aware of any change to the MP3 file until it re-reads that file itself, after which it will update its library file.

Within iTunes, you can select an MP3 file and 'get info' (crtl - i). This is a good way to tell iTunes to re-read the tags from the file.
Alexander 1:20 AM - 11 July, 2004
thanks for the info Sam.