Serato Software Feature Suggestions

What features would you like to see in Serato software?

"Total Time" for current crate / prepare window

Dan Fraser 6:26 PM - 9 March, 2017
A display of the total time for all tracks in a crate and in the prepare window would be a wonderful feature. The time column is right there... just add it up :D

It's an important feature for those of us playing with others, and aiming for a specific end time, and it would let you know at a glance if you've got enough music collected in a crate for your 2-hour set!
DJ Dom Cook 5:10 PM - 11 March, 2017
This is the one feature I envy of virtual dj
Dj Owe 10:40 PM - 22 March, 2017
Yes please this will help alot especially for club prep
DJ Boom Bap 2:41 PM - 23 March, 2017
DJ Quartz 1:17 PM - 24 March, 2017
There is a request in for Crate Statistics like Traktor does for each playlist.
acemc 7:54 PM - 24 June, 2017
Jared Miller 8:25 PM - 2 July, 2017
Yes, we need this! I have to create playlists in iTunes instead of using Serato crates just to be able to get the total time for all included tracks. Kind of a pain, since I'd like to just use Serato for everything.
spike12 8:10 PM - 4 July, 2017
DJ.Monty 3:29 AM - 5 July, 2017

Also lets have a setting to stop Serato from automatically removing tracks from the "Prepare Column"

Serato really does need to pay attention to requests about the "Prepare Column" stop neglecting it Serato!
Marv Incredible 12:28 PM - 5 July, 2017