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Ableton Link Session - Stro, Manwell and 14kt

9:01 PM, 27 Feb 2017
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back n da mix 3:45 AM - 31 March, 2017
Nice performance
Philmixit 10:27 AM - 31 March, 2017
Very nice guys , Serato DJ is hottttttttt!!!!!!
danielle king 1:41 PM - 31 March, 2017
does anyone remember the bridge .That was the last time there was a link between serato and ableton.It didnt go so well.I do hope that this fares better.We shall see
Long Beach Most Wanted 2:31 PM - 31 March, 2017
Bring back the bridge, but BETTER.!!!!
I thought the idea of being able to record Your set and go back and edit it was the best thing.