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Error connecting audio Pioneer DDJSX2

DJTomm 12:45 AM - 22 February, 2017

I have a ddjsx2 connected to a MacBook pro with MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 and Serato DJ 1.9.5.
The problem I'm having is when the ddjsx2 connects to serato DJ it connects for a second then disconnects with a error connecting audio. Then a couple seconds later it reconnects by it self and is connected.
I don't feel comfortable with this problem on paying gigs!
Can you please tell me how to fix this problem?

DJ Tom
DJTomm 1:21 AM - 22 February, 2017
I'll explain it in better detail this is the problem I'm having pleas fix:-

1. I load Serato DJ till its fully loaded.
2. Saids in Orange text on the bottom of Serato DJ, "DDJ-SX2 Hardware connecting
3. Connects for a second then disconnects and saids in Orange text on the bottom of Serato DJ, "Error: Failed to connect audio"
4. A couple seconds later reconnects and saids in Orange text on the bottom of Serato DJ, "Pioneer DDJ-SX2 2in2out Hardware connecting".

Does any body know if this a going to be a problem as I don't want to turn up to a paying gig and I have trouble connecting to Serato DJ? How do you fix this problem?

DJ Tom
DJKSTARNYC 3:58 AM - 22 February, 2017
hows is going tom im having the same problem as you but im currently using and windows 8 laptop i hope they fix that soon because i just wasted money on my pioneer ddj sx2 and with this new update it doesnt take ddj sx2 so hopefully serato fix this bug soon as everyone else reports this problem before its too late thanks for the update

DJTomm 10:04 AM - 22 February, 2017

I tried many times shutting down and reconnecting the ddjsx2 to serato DJ and a couple of times didn't connect and had to disconnect the USB and reconnect to get it to work.
I opened a support ticket and I'm not getting much help there only a complicated set of checks to go through on the Mac. I don't know if I'll be using Serato DJ this week for a paying gig as it is unreliable and unpredictable if it works or not?
I'll have to pull out the CDJ's and start using rekordbox on USB's
Jordan L 10:47 PM - 22 February, 2017
Hey Tomm,

Connection issues can usually be fully resolved and shouldn't bother you at live gigs once it's sorted. Please keep working with the support team.

Kstar if you're having issues please send our support team a help request from the link below.

DJ Superstar J.R. 1:07 AM - 21 August, 2017
Good evening! Has Serato and/or Pioneer provided the DJ community with a solution to this problem yet? I'm having the same technical problem. However, it's consistent and doesn't come and go away. I can't use my Pioneer DDJ-SX2 now at all. When I press play nothing happens so an old backup system is being used.
DaltonSR20 11:03 PM - 22 August, 2017
I had the exact problem as you did, connect the SX2, it works, then it drops out like few seconds later except mine does not connect back. I have to end up shutting down the software and restarting it (and even then, it has a 50% chance of working upon restarting SDJ software.)

Yesterday I had updated to Serato 1.9.7 (was on 1.9.6) and updated OSX Sierra to 10.12.6 (was on 10.12.5) and now it works fine. I can even disconnect the SX2 usb and plug back in (hotswap) perfectly fine.

Not sure if updating Serato DJ or OSX (or maybe both) fixed it. I know everyone's solution is different put thought I share what fixed mine.

Macbook Pro Retina 15" (Late 2013), 2.3Ghz i7, 16Gb RAM, GT750M 2Gb
DDJ-SX2 - DVS and Video enabled.
Justin James 9:31 AM - 6 September, 2017
sent my DDJ SX2 to the Drs as it was disconnecting mid set, not sure whether its hardware or software :/
DJ Tecniq 6:50 AM - 7 September, 2017
sent my DDJ SX2 to the Drs as it was disconnecting mid set, not sure whether its hardware or software :/
prob defective unit. I know many that have had defective S9's too me being one of them. Pioneer makes some amazing products but their quality control is shit. They aren't going to admit that but when there's more than a handful of users on a S9 Facebook group having the same or similar problem you begin to wonder...
Justin James 10:10 AM - 7 September, 2017
It's not skipped a beat in near 3yrs & damn it's been used a lot so it's done me good.. I'm hoping a few part replacements & a service will put me in for another 3yrs.. Meanwhile my backup VCI 380 is still powering on like a steam train!! Re Pioneer build quality, the service shop was floor to ceiling with Pioneer products to be repaired, lolz
DJ Tecniq 11:51 AM - 7 September, 2017
Re Pioneer build quality, the service shop was floor to ceiling with Pioneer products to be repaired, lolz
Wouldn't doubt it however I'm quite excited about the SR2 been looking for a 2 ch controller w/DVS. Damn I love their surprises.
DJ Tecniq 11:52 AM - 7 September, 2017
^ lol my bad wrong link
Dj-Ali 5:00 PM - 25 September, 2017
My issue is when I plug in sx2 usb to go online it says searching and then error. I've tried everything you guys mentioned but still having the same issue from time to time. Im now running Sierra 10.12.6. and had this hick up again with SDJ 1.9.7.
I've had this problem with many versions of SDJ.....I could open up any version of SDJ and sometimes it won't go online when using the ddjsx2......My work around is to open up another SDJ version after the first attempt failed and it goes online. Now really whats the deal with this????
NUdisc0 11:04 AM - 26 September, 2017
I have a deep dislike towards Pioneer. Not sure why. Perhaps because their stuff feels cheap. CDJs are not even good as paperweight. They are too light and plasticly.
Dj-Ali 3:31 PM - 26 September, 2017
So do you guys think it's a software issue or a hardware issue?
Justin James 4:11 PM - 26 September, 2017
I’ve never encountered that, I’d hit up if it’s causing you performance issues..
Dj-Ali 4:55 PM - 26 September, 2017
I have about 20 different drivers on my MacBook because I never know what system I will run into at gigs. I wonder if it's a conflict of interest between drivers that sometime causes the ddj sx or Sz not to go online when USB connected?
Mike.C 2:52 AM - 27 September, 2017
Hi DJAli, as Justin mentioned I would recommend starting a help request by hitting the green button at the bottom right of this page so we can investigate the issue.
JoeR 12:48 AM - 8 November, 2017
if you have mac this is what i did... go to applications folder open up utilities, audio midi setup, then go up to window and click show midi studio... get rid of old controllers still in there.. this is what fixed mine....
Dj-Ali 12:17 PM - 8 November, 2017
Okay thanks JoeR..... will definitely try that!
Dj-Ali 2:00 PM - 13 November, 2017
In the Midi window it's actually showing that I have two DDJ sx2 audio device in there. Should I delete one of them?
JoeR 9:55 PM - 18 November, 2017
yes try that for sure!
Dj-Ali 3:12 PM - 8 May, 2018
Still having the same connection searching for driver and failed to connect audio issue from time to time, this happens when using the DDJ SX and SZ. My only fix is to close the program and restart it. Is there any new Solutions to try?