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You guys have a forum spam problem. (December 2016)

Papa Midnight 2:16 AM - 9 December, 2016
The sheer amount of spam proliferating on this forum has gotten ridiculous. As of this post, half of the topics on the front page of "Off-topic Discussion" are spam posts:
x-x-l 7:51 PM - 14 January, 2017
It is embarrassing for Serato and reduces the professionalism of this forum. Even a human mod could tidy things up in a few minutes.

Send me a message, I'll do it...
Papa Midnight 3:21 AM - 15 January, 2017
Right now in "DJing Discussion"...
Logisticalstyles 6:22 PM - 1 March, 2017
It's still happening. Surely something can be done to fix this.
Papa Midnight 6:45 PM - 22 March, 2017
Right Now in DJing Discussion:
Right Now in Off-topic Discussion:
Papa Midnight 7:01 PM - 11 April, 2017
DJing Discussion:
Off-topic Discussion:
DJ Tecniq 11:10 PM - 28 April, 2017
Yeah what the hell is happening with Serato. How the hell are all these spam messages getting through. Getting sick of it.
Papa Midnight 8:32 PM - 4 June, 2017
Hey Serato team,

I know it's the weekend for you guys, and you can't address the spam until you return to the office, but it's gotten pretty bad. The report function just cannot cover this.

If it would be helpful, I'm inclined to help moderate spam such as this (, and I'm sure that there are others who are as well.

Additionally or Alternatively, if possible, could a function be added that if a post receives over a threshold of reports as spam, that it could be automoderated or removed?

I know that the latter would require user participation, and could open the door to abuse, but I'm just rolling ideas here.

Another option is reCaptcha for new accounts to at least discourage spammers.

Just a thought.