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Audio dropouts

Dj Mixstyles 4:32 AM - 25 November, 2016
Lately I've been getting audio dropouts today the music dragged then finally cut off. I watched the light nexted to the USB at the top blink then the light stayed on then seconds later the audio stopped. I disconnect the USB cable then plug it back in and then I get sound. One time before the screen went gray and the black boot up window came up searching for the box, I push esc the scratch live comes back up. So I'm guessing I need a new sl-1 box. What do you guys think it is?
d:raf 6:04 PM - 25 November, 2016
Change the cable first?
Dj Mixstyles 11:27 PM - 25 November, 2016
I did I'm on my 2nd in 3 or 4 months