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Shash'U plays the Roland DJ-808

11:21 PM, 22 Sep 2016
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Francoisdw 3:45 PM - 23 September, 2016
Looks like an interesting piece of kit. Now to scratch for the $1500.00
yioti joans 10:39 AM - 29 September, 2016
Looks Good,
A shame their is no distributor in Cyprus so we can have a try.
jmniell 1:42 AM - 30 September, 2016
Its amazing... wonderfull. Excelent performance!! I want it!!!! How can i get one in Argentina????
DJ Tgro 3:29 AM - 30 September, 2016
Is this the first time this guy touched this controller? Not a very musical video, but at least it's a good pre-view. Can't wait to see more and get my hands on it, though. Always wanted a drum machine that could sync up with what I was doing on the 1s and 2s! Thank you Roland and Serato.
Kam456 5:40 AM - 30 September, 2016
looking forward to buying this!!!!!!
Chapowski 8:15 AM - 30 September, 2016
Can't believe you still have to pay for the DVS pack with this price tag!
deuceleader 10:53 AM - 30 September, 2016
any word on if the serato effects are pre or post fader?? this truly is a get it or forget it feature for me... the ddjsz effects were pre-fader and killed that who device for me
Tato Alfaro 6:54 AM - 2 October, 2016
DJ Duben De Fresh 10:11 PM - 4 October, 2016
This is not fair. I just got my Denon MCX8000 and now this?
David Smith 11:55 AM - 23 August, 2017
If i want to buy this, than how much would it cost to me? This DJ controller is looking nice, I was looking for a long time for roland dj 808 controller, but in your blog I found something informative. Thanks for sharing this useful stuff.
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