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New DJ with a budget of $500

Dj HLH 12:31 PM - 4 August, 2016
Hey guys! I want to start to DJ but I only have around $500. I want to buy some awesome speakers and a controller but also stay under my budget. I will typically be DJing small dances and weddings but any info helps!

Thanks in advance!
DJ Ravien 12:57 PM - 4 August, 2016
Save more money!

Honestly, you wont be able to buy much for under $500. When I started my first controller (which is far from awesome) cost $200 bucks. A very crappy pair of PA speakers ran me $300. Now add in cost's of music and cables and your already over budget.

I would start with a controller. Then build up from there.
WileECoyote 2:33 PM - 4 August, 2016
This is a very difficult task. Nothing you can buy for under $500.00 is suitable for wedding reception performances. Buy an okay controller, and rent speakers for gigs until you can pay them off. Or utilize the Pay As You Play programs from Zzounds, Sweetwater or American Musical to buy some speakers.

digitaldjtips has a controller guide. Check it out for your low-cost/entry options.