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What is serato and can I use it?

DJ B.D.I.T. 10:47 PM - 27 July, 2016
Hello all, I'm an older DJ so like many started with turntables. Eventually, about 10 or so years ago I decided to go the CDJ route and currently use a Dennon DN6000 dual CD. I just purchased a mixer, a Behringer Pro Mixer DX-626 as my old nmumark was, well, old. I also have a toshiba laptop where I record my mixes. I'm interested in bringing things into the 2000's (year) but not sure what this serato is exactly. Basically I want to mix using the Dennon still BUT, with the option of mixing on my computer. I do have mixmeister fusion but really don't understand how to use it very well. What I would like is to mix on my computer (software) and use my turntables to scratch while also mixing on my dennon (both dennon, laptop so basically having the option for both). Does serato fit into what I want or, is there something else software wise? Thanks for any help.
DJ Remix Detroit 3:54 AM - 30 July, 2016