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serato dont show me the bpms when analaze files

hispano88 3:34 PM - 25 June, 2016
serato dont show me the bpms when analaze files, can you help me please?
Laz219 5:14 AM - 29 June, 2016
Do you have Set Grid/BPM ticked under the analyse setting dropdown?

Some tracks won't be able to detect a BPM, but if it's none of them- I'd assume you don't have that box ticked.
B ⏃ mB ⏃ m(BamBam) 4:15 PM - 24 August, 2017
I Have serato Dj Intro as well and i'm using the SB2's and i recently had to wipe my computer an re download serato before all my tracks were analyzed and all the BPM's were being read. But now that I re-downloaded it and re- analyzed the tracks its only showing the track names not there BPM's and I have set auto BPM checked. Is there another way to show to get those visible again?