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Akai AMX

rossstardj 3:26 AM - 24 June, 2016
Does video work with this controller? I assume yes, just not 100% sure of it.
DJ Tecniq 1:45 AM - 25 June, 2016
Good question I couldn't find anything that mentions this on the product page. But apparently it is compatible with Serato Video here's a video clip
the SOUNDINSURGENT 2:47 AM - 25 June, 2016
Well the crossfader does send a midi signal so you shouldn't have any problem mapping it if need be.
DJ BernieB (Toronto) 1:57 AM - 2 July, 2016
I've used Serato Video on an AMX for regular 5-6 hour gigs with no video issues. I have a 2014 top of the line MacBook Pro with dedicated video and it worked the same as my DDJ-SX.
Kevin shiver KJ 10:53 PM - 20 June, 2017
Thanks guys Im going to start using the AMX with serato video and my 1200s
Jinjah 8:16 PM - 30 August, 2017
Hi there,

Can anyone help me? just got the amx and alls good, just an issue withe upfaders, the left upfader controls volume for the whole mix for some reason, any clues?
Michael R 10:58 PM - 30 August, 2017
Hey Jinjah,

If you get in touch with our Support Team they'll be able to assist you with your issue. The best way to do this is to open a help ticket -> (click link).