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One Luv... 1:42 PM - 17 June, 2016
Why can I not do a search on anymore?
Is it Windows 10? I am using both Explorer and Google and it isn't giving me a search field I also don't see any genres anymore. Everything is all together. If I want to look through dance or hip hop I can't now.
I refuse to go through every song to find a particular artist.
TonicDj 1:55 AM - 27 October, 2016
No answer to your question yet? I have the same problem, I just want to search for an artist / track I remember seeing in a email...super annoying that there's no search bar!
selektor 11:25 PM - 25 January, 2017
Same frustration here. I remember being able to look through different genres and be able to search.
There's way too much music on whitelabel to look through each and every page for a track that I like.
Nearly useless unless you want to download the weekly or monthly top 10.
djkee 12:09 PM - 8 April, 2017
What happened to Search on the site? We used to be able to search by artist, label, genre, etc.
Kyro 3:25 PM - 8 July, 2017
Still no search that I can see. Terrible.
Selector Michael 1:00 AM - 15 November, 2017
I'm from the Caribbean we deal allot with Dance-hall/Reggae and it impossible for me to go true every song to find my type of music.
djkee 6:24 PM - 15 November, 2017