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TTM57: SL Bypass mode / SL1 compatibility

nik39 5:54 PM - 30 May, 2006
I assume these are already on the to-do-list, in case it is not...

1. Add a switch in SSL which makes it possible to use the TTM exactly as a SL1 for setups in clubs where you cant use your own mixer (due to space limitations etc.). What it does is, it will route the left deck to FlexSend on the mixer, and the right deck to AuxOut on the mixer. From the mixer you can connect these outputs to the other mixer, imitating a SL1. Both outputs will be unaffected by any EQ setting. Gain support is probably interesting.
This is one concern some TTM57-interested users have... not being able to use the mixer in certain setups.

2. I dont consider this as very important personally but some users have suggested to make the TTM57 compatible with pre-1.6 versions, so if anyone does not want to use 1.6+ can still use 1.4 for example and use it with the TTM57 (built in their favorite club), of course w/o the added TTM57 software features.

Let the flameing start ;)
nobspangle 9:49 PM - 30 May, 2006
1. is a good idea, what about phono thru?

2. I can see the point here but I don't think it's really worth it. If you want to use the TTM57, upgrade to 1.6 I think that's fair enough.
wakka 12:35 AM - 31 May, 2006
I second Nik's idea. Even though your rig is going to look awkward and heavier, it would allow the TTM 57SL to be it's own backup. If the club owner, which wouldn't be surprising since there are so many shady managers out there, if they suddenly change their mind about the whole bring your own mixer/use the installed mixer deal, you don't have to travel back home and bring your SL box.

So in case the club's mixer fails, or if you don't own SL1 or the SL box breaks in some unspeakably rare incident, the 57 would be your ultimate backup in either case.
DJK 6:17 AM - 31 May, 2006
That is why you outline that what gear you either demand to be provided, or demand to be able to bring and use in a written contract.
skinnyguy 8:31 PM - 1 June, 2006
1. good idea. not everyone is fortunate enough to buy an sl1 and a ttm57sl. for those who decide to go the ttm57sl route, that would be pretty cool...a bit more bulky, but at least it will allow them to use it as an sl1 in such cases.

2. also good idea. i thought it was already capable at a gig where i wanted to bail to 1.4....i was forced to use 1.6, but it pulled thru okay. i'm sure this will only be a temporary thing since new sl1 units will be shipping with version 1.5 and up.
skinnyguy 8:33 PM - 1 June, 2006
2. forgot to mention, good for people who want to plug into a ttm57 setup right now and only have 1.4 or 1.5, like rotating djs at a club or some event.
nik39 12:01 AM - 5 June, 2006
1. <- click. Steve mentioned this idea already. The only problem right now is that FlexFX send is not pre-fader, its post fader. We should have an optional bypass SSL mode which will make this pre-fader.
wakka 5:56 AM - 18 July, 2006
This feature suggestion would have remedied this guy's exact situation.

To paraphrase, the club has a mixer screwed in and the DJ was not allowed to substitute it with his own mixer. The guy only prepared with SSL vinyl and material because he was told that it was allowed and possible by the promoter. He wasn't able to setup SSL and wasn't prepared to spin with traditional vinyl and so he wasn't allowed to perform the gig.

I think this is an excellent feature for the 57 and I feel that it should be considered before any unnecessary bells and whistles *cough* video *cough*
wakka 6:27 PM - 28 August, 2006


I work at a radio station with clubs changing regulary, which means different installations/setups every time. I sold my Serato box to get the 57. The 57 is ridicolous, but I am finding myself needing a box to plug into existing systems and into stations mix setup. I am not dumping more cash into my equipment before winter. Anyone interested in trading my 57 for a Serato box and a 56 or Empath?
wakka 10:54 PM - 3 September, 2006


can i use 57 as i would the sl1 interface box.
club has permanent install djm 3000 & i bring in my sl1 & tap onto piggy back rcas at phono input to 3000. i personally need a home/mobile mixer, could i replace the sl1 with 57? or will i have to own both!
nik39 7:55 PM - 4 September, 2006
Workaround (not nice, but thats why its called a work around):

"[How To] Using the 57 as an SL 1", click ->

(Linked for reference purpose)
Res-Q 11:43 PM - 4 September, 2006
definately need this feature.
DJ Sparky Killabrew 10:30 PM - 3 December, 2006
Yes! Rane if your listening, please hook this up if at all possible. Thanks in advance.
Mixmaster T 8:54 AM - 24 December, 2006
Another vote from me for this mod!
In all the clubs i play at there is no room and/or there are cables everywhere/hard to get too.
My plan is to make a custom mixer case that would allow me to place the mixer somewhere out of the way and have inputs coming through the case, so it just looks like a really big SL1 box.
Stuart Ramdeen 2:37 AM - 2 January, 2007
definitely a vote for this feature. I've just got the TTM57SL and have prepared an ebay auction page for my SL1. I don't know if I can bring myself to actually make it live though "just in case".

It has the benefit of being tiny and fairly unobtrusive so I might end up actually keeping the SL1 and using it once in a blue moon when I turn up to a gig that doesn't have the space for the 57. Then again, I might want to keep the 57 at home so I can pamper it and get the SL1 all scratched and smoked up in a club environment... Decisions, decisions.
vidoona 6:22 AM - 28 May, 2007
bump....buying a ttm57sl soon and selling my SL1, so I want an easy way to use my 57 as an SL1 should the need arise.
cappinkirk 2:24 AM - 30 May, 2007
like rane doesn't want to sell extra SLs haha that would keep people from buying both so it will never happen
Evil_banana 11:03 AM - 30 May, 2007
This was also something that had me doubting for the 57. The workaround convinced me. But a decent solution like suggested by Nik would be much better. Hooking up headphones out to a Line in isn't my idea of "proper wiring".

bumpsdick 9:37 PM - 22 July, 2007
wow. that would be nice.
vidoona 3:20 PM - 10 August, 2007
wakka 12:40 AM - 1 October, 2007
ralph 1:11 AM - 1 October, 2007
DJ Stuart (AR) 1:21 AM - 28 October, 2007
Mega bump.
kennylavish 5:04 AM - 27 December, 2007
it would be really helpful if there was an option in SSL or a button on the 57 to assign the 'flex fx' output to be PRE crossfader (or even just pre fader).

I really needed this recently as i wanted to setup two samplers with 2 turntables and one mixer (2 producers using 2 different samplers, each sampling from 1 of the 2 different turntables, using the same 57 mixer!!.)

I was able to do this with my old Numark DM2000X Pro Master Mix mixer. It had seperate send buttons for each channel (like the 57) but this routed any or all of the 3 channels signals to an aux output that was completely pre fader (to eliminate noise from the 2 extra fader steps i suppose)

seems that an option like this could also solve the 57 as an SL-1 feature i see people talking about on this thread.

then you could simply assign channel 1 to flex fx output pre crossfader and channel 2 to another output (aux,or booth) pre crossfader as well. walla 2 different programs through one mixer each with its own volume control.

even better would be the ability to switch the flex fx inputs to be an additional set of aux outputs also switchable from post faders to pre crossfader or pre channel fader.

(side note: on my old Numark you could also actually turn the crossfader off as well as reverse it with one 3 way toggle switch. it helped in certain situations. would be nice if the 57 crossfader could be switched off if needed.)
AKIEM 5:41 PM - 27 December, 2007
Dj.Mojo 2:52 PM - 30 November, 2009