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Latency on speaker compared to headphones

Rikter12 6:57 PM - 15 June, 2016
I have serato intro with numark mixtrack pro 3 which is directly plugged into a sony gtk xb7 active speaker. When a track is playing and I listen to that track in the headphones the beat is off. I think the headphones are ahead slightly but couldn't be sure but deffinatley not in sync which is making mixing a nightmare as I don't like to mix just through the headphones.

I have tried different headphones to no avail. Please help as this is becoming very frustrating.
Laz219 4:10 AM - 16 June, 2016
This would basically be an issue with the signal path through that speaker, I have used something similiar and found there was a lot of latency.
Most of those type of speakers have a lot of EQ and other settings applied.

Turn as much of that off as you can and you may find some improvement but you may not get it perfectly in sync.
Rikter12 3:19 PM - 16 June, 2016
I have tried various speaker options eg a simple hi fi set up, going into a mixer and out to a set of rokit6 active speakers and still much the same. Is there any possible way of managing the output with software?
Bancksy 4:08 PM - 15 March, 2017
Hi, I might be late to the discussion but the latency is indeed caused by the way the speaker's electronics work and how the signal is processed. Because the speaker needs a considerable amount of time to process the sounds, adjust it and send it out, you will always have a delay on these speakers.
Thats why they're good when playing a mix form your phone by example but are worth shit for actual live mixing. (You need some studio monitors for that, KRK, Yamaha etc..
Ryu22 3:22 PM - 24 March, 2017
I have the same issue with my Sony Gtx XB7
Mighty Redwood 6:01 PM - 24 February, 2018
I have the same issue and have also tested the Sony GTX XB7 with other professional mixing software and despite the mix being spot on in the headphones as soon as you fade the track in, the track is out of sync to what is being represented through the headphones. Does anyone have a solution to what appears to be this Sony GTX XB7 issue, as it was purchased for this purpose :(
Laz219 2:39 AM - 27 February, 2018
It's simply not designed for it, a lot of consumer grade audio equipment will have 'lag' between the input and output stages. Especially things like these sony docks that actually market themselves around features involving audio processing.