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Custom Akai Pro AMX Hack

8:56 PM, 25 May 2016
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Russ Billington 10:22 PM - 25 May, 2016
Dope, well done very smooth and creative
yojabbajabba 10:39 PM - 25 May, 2016
Excellent! +1 for making a good product into a great one!
kwestyon 12:46 AM - 26 May, 2016
Dj Ven Meister 11:16 AM - 26 May, 2016
DjFrewzD 1:18 AM - 1 June, 2016
Jay kutter 12:15 AM - 2 June, 2016
Where can one buy it at?
efendi 10:16 AM - 2 June, 2016
Thanks lads, glad that you like it
efendi 10:17 AM - 2 June, 2016
Where can one buy it at?

I'm considering making more of them, how much would you be willing to pay for it ?
DJ ROMO MIAMI 10:58 AM - 2 June, 2016
Where can one buy it at?

I'm considering making more of them, how much would you be willing to pay for it ?

The unit it's self cost $250+$100DVS. I WOULD PAY $100 not to law ball but if I'm investing that much into an awesome idea I might as well get the Mixar Duo mixer. Let me know Fam
umB 7:43 AM - 6 June, 2016
hello, great job!!! would be interested to buy one too! But quite hard to say a price...Im from switzerland maybe you have a website?
i am Dj fLiP 7:28 PM - 9 June, 2016
just the sanwa buttons itself already cost him at least $32, so just adding the other parts including the metal housing, i'm pretty sure $100 is around the cost price..
I have a feeling it'll cost more if you want him to costumize you one..

I've been itching to make my own midi controller myself through teensy.. this video just gave me another push to do so. thanks for sharing!
i am Dj fLiP 7:29 PM - 9 June, 2016
edit: it was a wooden case.. but i'm sure it still cost him around $100
efendi 5:10 PM - 20 June, 2016
Hey follow amx users, parts alone were about €100
Time alone spent googling and debugging the teensy code priceless 😉
Soo, anyone willing to make something like that (or similar) himself hit me up at I'll happily share the code
Wiring is easy as baby scratch
Please do read the dj tech tools tutorial as well
All the knowledge needed to put a midi controller yourself using treensy is on Internet 😉
I do have very little time but I'll try to answer any questions
RobLee 4:34 AM - 8 August, 2017
Hello! I've very interested in getting a price on this item. I will be sending you a email for more info. Thanks