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Tried to copy a crate to make a backup. Now it has disappeared.

Mitchythekid 4:01 AM - 19 April, 2016
I've spent every spare minute for two to three weeks sorting my library.

Serato has always been so unreliable with it's library management.

So I figured I would copy the whole crate with subcrates to a new folder. For a back up because Serato has fucked me countless times with missing crates or songs in crates. Or corrupted databases. Or freezing up and losing a day worth of sorting. Etc.

It took quite a while, But eventually I got the window which lets you select (copy/move/remove original references etc)

I selected copy and did not select remove original references.

Left the computer. Came back about 1 hr later. And serato was just sitting there locked up.

Force close.

Re load Serato (DJ)

And about 4 out of 20 crates remained.....But of course the one I had spent weeks on........

Nowhere to be found. They're not in the trash. I was able to recover a few from the last backup.

But the only one I care about is the one I've invested the last few weeks into.

How did this happen? Where did it go?

I have my entire library on a second internal hard drive on my macbook. Which is pretty much new. So it's not a hard drive issue. Or an external.

Please help.