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Would I be able to get moy old account back

RCA 6:10 PM - 1 March, 2016
So it all started with me going to linux but i wanted serato DJ back so i switched back to windows and it's been a long time since i logged in to my old account and i forgot the password to the account so i tried to do a password reset with the gmail account i was using for my Serato DJ account and i bought Serato DJ a Long time ago and i found out that i could not get in to my gmail account because it had been disabled for some reason and i could not remember the password for that either and i didn't have any recovery options on the Gmail account so i'm wondering if there would be a way to verify that it's me trying to get into the account or if I have to buy it again just wondering what my options are. Thank you.:)
Oh and great product by the way
Nathaniel T 2:58 AM - 2 March, 2016
Hey RCA,

Can you please check your emails.

RCA 4:35 AM - 2 March, 2016
i can't because i'm locked out of the gmail account i used for my serato dj account. would there be a way i could switch some of the information out.